Lost A Sea Book Of Remembrance

In 1909 a brass memorial tablet in memory of old boys who had ‘gone down at sea’ was “affixed to the after side of the main mast on the main deck”. It listed 40 names, the first being Captain James O’Hagan (1859-60). It was paid for by subscription by old boys. It disappeared when the Ship was lost and we’d like to find it. If you have any idea where it is we’d like to hear from you – please email us

From 1909 to 1974 The Cadet magazine recorded the names of Old Conways who had lost their lives at sea.  Our “Lost At Sea Book of Remembrance” held in the chapel attempts to record the names and circumstances of all OCs lost at sea in peacetime and wartime i.e. those with no known grave. Information about a few of the deaths is very sparse so in these cases we cannot yet confirm that those individuals who died at sea were actually buried at sea.

The list excludes OCs:

–    H. G. Williams, E. Johnson and H. Tait who were listed on the original Lost At Sea Memorial Board but who we now know were buried ashore.

–    Who died ashore in peacetime but were buried at sea.

–    Who died at sea but were buried ashore.

If you know of any other OCs who were lost at sea, or have more details about any of the existing entries please email us.

A link to he current list is here