The Friends of HMS Conway was formed in 1996 to preserve the memory of the training school ship HMS Conway through the acquisition, maintenance and display of artefacts and memorabilia connected with the ship and the later shore establishment.

Our first task was to establish the wonderful memorial chapel and museum  in the Scriptorium in Birkenhead Priory, overlooking the ship’s old mooring in the Sloyne at Rock Ferry on the Mersey. Since then we have transformed the building with a number of impressive “stained glass” memorial windows and the ship’s original Memorial and Honours Boards. We have also completed numerous projects around the UK to preserve the good name of HMS Conway, the most recent being the installation of a memorial window on Bangor Pier covering the ship’s time there.

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Capt Derrick Kemp (Old Botha), Chairman, The Friends of HMS Conway

I am pleased to announce that the memorial has received planning approval and that the wooden frame has been manufactured and delivered to Plas Newydd for temporary storage. The Friends are now arranging for the “empty” window frame to be installed at the dock. Once installed the glass artist will make very precise measurements to position the various painted elements correctly on the window’s glass. This is an absolutely critical step to ensure that, when viewed, the ship is actually sitting in the Strait and not ploughing through the dock wall or flying over Snowdon. In consultation with the NT and Conway Centre we have decided to omit the pinnace from the design as there is often a sailing boat moored in exactly that spot which would compromise the design. The correct Welsh translation of the English words has also been agreed. The finished window should be installed in the frame in Spring 2020.

A new date has been agreed for the dedication ceremony. The Club’s AGM and dinner weekend is returning to Llandudno for 2020 so The Club has agreed with The Friends to make it a joint event. The memorial unveiling and dedication will become part of the weekend and will be on Saturday 17th October as the weekend’s day trip. Full details will be published in the January 2020 The Cadet, here, on the Conway website and through the chat groups.

A very big thank you to everyone who has donated to the appeal. We have almost reached our target so if you have not yet made a donation there is still time to make one please click here.