Plas Newydd Window

This window commemorates the years ashore at Plas Newydd from 1953 to 1974.

The upper two panes show the New Block. The flags spell out the motto ‘Quit ye like men be strong’.

The bottom right pane shows the original Conway Chapel at Plas Newydd and the Conway crest carved over the main entrance to the New Block. The roundel represents the Camp years (1953-64), a partially obscured close up is below. It shows the Port Mizzentop hut and the Figurehead.

The bottom left pane shows the three ships and the house at Plas Newydd. Top is the original Conway which gave the school ship its name. The second is ex Winchester on the Sloyne mooring, shown with Birkenhead Priory in the background. The third is ex Nile on her mooring off Plas Newyyd with the Vaynol estate in the background. The lower section is a view of Plas Newydd from the Strait, the right hand end of which was used by Conway as the Nelson Block.